The first file that Emacs runs when it loads is ~/.emacs.d/init.el. This file is written using Emacs Lisp (elisp). It is important to get one thing clear in your head: Emacs is just a Lisp runtime. This means that while Emacs is primarily considered a text editor, that's just its user interface, not its application.

The init file that I'm using right now takes every various files with the .org extension and converts them to the correspondingly named .el file, and then evaluates the files altering the Emacs active session. Comments are prefixed with varying numbers of semicolons. In classic Unix fashion, you are not expected to understand this.

;;; init.el --- Where all the magic begins
;; Originally from:
;; This file loads Org-mode and then loads the rest of our Emacs initialization
;; from Emacs lisp embedded in literate Org-mode files.

;; Load up Org Mode and (now included) Org Babel for elisp embedded in Org Mode
;; files.

(defun mak::load-literate-config (dir &optional regex)
  "Load and evaluate the files in dir matching regex, except blacklisted files."
  (unless regex
    (setq regex ""))
  (dolist (org (directory-files dir t (concat regex ".*\\.org$")))
    (org-babel-load-file org)))

(setq dotfiles-dir (file-name-directory (or (buffer-file-name) load-file-name)))

(let* ((org-dir (expand-file-name "lisp"
        (expand-file-name "org"
         (expand-file-name "src"
       (org-contrib-dir (expand-file-name "lisp"
        (expand-file-name "contrib"
         (expand-file-name ".."
       (load-path (append (list org-dir org-contrib-dir)
                          (or load-path nil))))
  ;; Load up Org-mode and Org-babel.
  (require 'org-install)
  (require 'ob-tangle))

;; Load the customization variables from another file.
(setq custom-file "~/.emacs.p/custom.el")
(load custom-file 'noerror)

;; Load up all literate org-mode files matching the regex in each directory.
(mak::load-literate-config "~/.emacs.d" "\[0-9\]\\{4\\}-\[0-9\]\\{2\\}-\[0-9\]\\{2\\}-")
(mak::load-literate-config "~/.emacs.d/drafts" "YYYY-MM-DD-")
(mak::load-literate-config "~/.emacs.p")

I have edited the bottom of the file to only import my blog posts, both published and unscheduled drafts, and my private configuration files.