Back in the early 2000s I fell in love with Everything2, eventually spending the vast majority of my waking hours reading it through. One post that always stuck with me was about fASCIIsm, describing it partly as follows:

Similar to Fascism, although derived specifically around the
belief that the ASCII character set is theoretically perfect
and an ideal standard for written communication.

* fASCIIsm does not approve of HTML e-mail or any other kind
  of styled e-mail.
* fASCIIsm does not endorse the replacement of emoticons
  with pictorial icons.
* fASCIIsm is mono-spaced.
* fASCIIsm holds the idea of ASCII characters as the highest
  ideal of communication, there has never before in human
  history been a more pure expression of letters.

While I don’t actually ascribe to that philosophy (I mean, c’mon, Unicode!), I still liked it. And so in 2012 I bought this domain with the plan to write a blog about Emacs. I’m just a little late…