To celebrate one full month of blogging, I have written a function that will post the HTML and Org files that comprise each day's blog entry automatically with Midnight, as seen earlier this month.

(defun mak::fasciism-post-daily-blog ()
  "Posts daily blog in HTML and Org format to respective GitHub repos."
  ;; Publish the project to ensure the HTML file is on disk.
  (org-publish-project "fasciism" t)
  ;; Set up the common one-liner to publish a file.
  (let ((cmd (string-join
              '("cd %s"
                "git add %s-*.%s"
                "git commit -m 'Daily blog post.'"
                "git push")
              " && "))
        (date (format-time-string "%F")))
    ;; Publish the HTML file.
    (let ((file (format "_posts/%s" date)))
       (format cmd "~/src/fasciism" file "html")
    ;; Publish the Org file.
     (format cmd "~/.emacs.d" date "org")

(add-hook 'midnight-mode 'mak::fasciism-post-daily-blog)

And with that, we've made it! An entire month sticking to the built-in features of Emacs and using it every day. Tomorrow I will lift that self-imposed restriction and dive into the wide world of packages.