One thing I've always liked about the Windows Add/Remove Programs interface is that it provides you a date that the installed program was last used. When paring down the number of programs on a Windows computer, that date is helpful to gauge whether a program is useful enough to keep around. Since the number of Emacs packages tends to sprawl over time, I have installed the Keyfreq package to track the commands I use:

(use-package keyfreq
  :ensure t
  :pin melpa-stable
  (setq keyfreq-file "~/.emacs.p/keyfreq/statistics"
        keyfreq-file-lock "~/.emacs.p/keyfreq/lockfile")
  (keyfreq-mode 1)
  (keyfreq-autosave-mode 1))

When I first installed this package, I didn't honestly think it would be that useful. But since installing it, I have used its output to appreciate how much my usage of certain commands is changing.